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About iNest Property Solutions

Welcome to iNest Property Solutions! Your trusted partner in the real estate sector in New Jersey.
At iNest Property Solutions, we buy residential and commercial properties for fast cash offers. Whether through fix-and-flip projects or buy-and-hold plans for rental income, our mission is to boost neighborhoods to create value for investors and home sellers.

iNest Property Solutions has grown from a primary fix and resale business. We expanded our services to include long-term rental holdings, catering to a growing demand for quality rental properties.


Tam Le--Founder/Managing Partner

Van Tran- Partner/Business Advisor

Debra Marin-Serpico--Interior Designer

We Buy Residential and Commercial Properties

From market analysis to property evaluations, we ensure every project we take maximizes value and meets our standards. We buy properties in varying conditions to save you the cost of repairs.


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