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How to Sell an Inherited House in New Jersey?

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How to Sell an Inherited House in New Jersey?


Selling an inherited property takes an average of 15 to 18 months in New Jersey. According to an analysis of the current New Jersey real estate market, selling a house there takes 70 days on average. Your home’s days on the market may rise depending on location, size, condition, etc. To successfully sell an inherited home in New Jersey, you will require real estate advice to assist with the financial aspects. Explore the process of selling your inherited house and continue reading the blog.

Sell an Inherited House in New Jersey

Receiving an inheritance comes with financial challenges that make decision-making tough. The following steps can serve to sell an inherited house in New Jersey.

Act Upon the Will

Following the will is a legal requirement to inherit a property. Real estate attorneys state the will is valid, and the appointed executor needs the judge’s approval. The court’s decision will determine the heirs if no executor is named. Consult a probate attorney for advice to understand the process. There’s a fine line between legal and real estate advice to sell an inherited house in New Jersey.

On Board All Heirs

If there are multiple heirs but no executor of the will, appoint a personal representative to oversee the house and other affairs. If a will is absent, you can avoid probate and submit an heirship affidavit, which requires the signatures of two unrelated people. In New Jersey, you can transfer titles to sell an inherited home.

Transfer Titles of the Property

Real estate attorneys suggest transferring ownership of the property to the inheritors. To complete the process smoothly, hire a reliable title company instead of an attorney. If the property is still registered in a deceased person’s name, you are not permitted to use the tax information. You face difficulties in New Jersey when trying to sell a house that was inherited.

Pay All the Debts

Understand the financial status of the property before officially inheriting it. Consider the question: Is a mortgage in place? Some mortgages have an acceleration clause that would demand immediate payoff. A HELOC or home equity line of credit? A mortgage in reverse? Do you have any judgments or liens? Overdue taxes? This also includes covering the medical and funeral expenses of the late person.

Search the public records with a title search to find the answers to the above questions. You should also find out how much the house is worth. Clearly understand the value of selling an inherited home in New Jersey.

Open an Estate Account for Shared Assets

Personal representatives will help you open an estate account for shared assets. All of the deceased’s possessions, including the money from the house sale, will be temporarily deposited into this bank account. The representative will use the funds in the account to pay or settle accounts, such as utility bills, real estate taxes, mortgage payments, and homeowners association dues. Estate accounting is always helpful when selling an inherited house in New Jersey.

Documents Required For Sell An Inherited House In New Jersey

You need all the documents to sell an inherited house in New Jersey. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Title or deed
  • Mortgage
  • Will or living trust
  • Evidence of paid taxes
  • HOA dues receipts

You’ll also need signed papers from everyone you share this inheritance confirming their consent to the transaction.

Remove Personal Items

Potential buyers don’t get a positive impression of a home filled with personal items. Removing the deceased’s items is vital because not all are valuable for the heirs. If the will is silent on the subject, you must find out what to do with the belongings.

You can follow one of the following:

  • Donate usable goods
  • Dispose of everything else
  • Divide among the inheritors
  • Sell valuables at an estate sale or auction

One advantage of an estate sale is that many people come to view the property.

Find a Real Estate Agent With Probate Experience.

Seek advice from an agent with probate experience throughout the procedure. They know that New Jersey permits up to a year of probate before the intestacy laws govern how the deceased’s property is distributed. They also know about the New Jersey Estates Code. An agent can help with the typical listing procedures and make a bid to the probate court for permission.

Sell An Inherited House in New Jersey With iNest Property Solutions

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Frequently Asked Queries

  • How do you sell a house in New Jersey when one owner dies?

    The deceased property owner is no longer able to sign the deed. If so, you require something different, such as a court decree determining heirship, a probated will, or an affidavit proving heirship.

  • Do you have to pay taxes on the sale of a deceased parent's home in New Jersey?

    No, New Jersey doesn’t have an inheritance tax. The state legislature also limits the imposition of any estate tax on deceased parents’ homes.

  • How to prevent paying capital gains tax on inherited property in New Jersey?

    You can stop paying capital gains tax on inherited property in New Jersey by selling the property quickly, making it your primary residence, or renting the inherited property.

  • What type of services does iNest Property Solutions offer?

    iNest Property Solutions is a trusted real estate agency in New Jersey. We offer many real estate services to help you sell your house quickly.

  • Does iNest Property Solutions make a cash offer to sellers?

    Yes, iNest Property Solutions makes a cash offer to buy your home in New Jersey.

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